Civil Engineering logo

Logo Design for Civil Engineering Department. Didnt make it through selection, to represent our department in "NITTFEST". Anyway was half an hour work,so it feels as if it want a waste of time after-all.:-) Will have to give more hours next time i guess.

What logo signified:
Right side of logo represent 'PAST', where more importance were given to dull building with less design work (Yellow block represent building with architectural work and designs. It has been put behind the other blocks to impart the meaning). The height of the building is also taken into consideration.

Left side of logo represent 'PRESENT'. Here Block arrangement impart the opposite meaning to that of the right.( Yellow Block leads the other blocks). Tall block in left side represent skyscrapers.

Both are joint by bridge, showing importance of civil engineering in 'BRIDGING THE PAST, THE PRESENT AND THE FUTURE'. Even in the bridge part the right side represent old, simple and low capacity design bridges and left the contrast.


Rakanidable said...

its simple and meaningful

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